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JBadger - The Home of the Jester, Jaunty Jovial Jugular Jaguar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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JBadger [Jan. 28th, 2016|07:10 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

  JBadger.  I am hearing the news about him now.  It seems he has terminal cancer.  I wish I had known. I would have offered my support and friendship to him.  I can't say I recall where I met him at.  MFM most likely.  I met him again at MFF where he would celebrate his birthday.  He one of several that celebrate their birthday there.  JBadger,  Carol Kitty, Max De Groot and I think Santa Fox also.  In turn I would always try to meet with each one of these friends on their birthday weekend.  JBadger,  I will have to say is a great guy, a very nice person. Oh he could grate on you.  But we all have our issues.  I hope I can get a chance to talk to him before the cancer finishes with him.

I think the Furry Fandom will be a little bit less fun with out him.

I hope I can run into Tilt.  He does a pretty good imitation of him that makes me laugh.

[User Picture]From: rapidtrabbit
2016-01-29 01:20 am (UTC)

Got a text a few minutes ago from him that he's "still fighting".

Edited at 2016-01-29 04:23 am (UTC)
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