How I became a Fursuiter

People see fursuiters and decide they want to do that also.  I never saw furries till much later, like over a decade later. I saw the Disney characters at Walt Disney World where I worked for like 16 years,  Now being a character looked like fun so I wanted to see if I could do it.  I asked in the character dept and they said yes.  So I came in for my day of being a character.  I got to be Gideon from the movie Pinnochio   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpjk9IJfmUo Back then he was a taller character unlike today where he is chipmunk in heighth   I really did not get any training, just go out on set for 30 minutes and come back in for 30 for break.  I did this for 8 hours for one day,  I had a blast, enough so, I got permission and did it for another day later.
A few years went by and I was able to do a dept transfer for a year for the park was celebrating it's 10th year of being open and I was able to be cast in a role of the Tencennial Parade.  A year long and a smile wide. It was a great year.

more later

I miss Live Journal

  I was so active here for the longest time and I like many others drifted away.   I wish I could get others to be active on here because i think if I could I would be using it again more often.
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Sad jaguar

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A sad part of life, KO has passed away.  KO or Kevin Omel was the con chair for RCFM for a number of years. Rocket City Fur Meet.  He was a great person and one of the most supportive people to me in the furry fandom.  His passing really hurts as he is someone I wanted to get to Fangcon. Just to show him what he and others of RCFM helped inspire.
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JBadger On that loss

   I was at GLFC working our dealer booth.  I got the word of JBadger's passing.  I tried to keep working but I would loose it from time to time and start to cry.  It hit a little harder then I thought it would.  JBadger was a great person. Always.  I have to admire that he was a very positive person.  Even at the end.  He did call it though, saying he would not make it till June.  I really thought otherwise.  I was able to call him 3 different times and each time he sounded very well and responsive.

I wish there were more people like JBadger. he will be a hard one to replace.
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So how do animals, Anthro ones talk Sabertoothed

If you remember Tibor Tiger he and I talked about Sabertooths and how they talked with speech impediments
I said they talked as they had too much in their mouths seeing they have teeth hanging out all the time
Tibor's view is seeing they are dropping drool all the time they would be spraying everyone when they talked

Food for thought
Bab's version


  I have seen the movie a few times, It was a pirated copy.  But it made me want to see the theater version better. Sometimes the movie theater is better due to the audience laughing at alll the right scenes.  Yes it did.

No spoilers  But do talk with others who have seen the movie.  I think I would like to check this out in 3D but I am not sure as no one I know has seen it like this and commented on it  Same with Imax versions.  Maybe I will brave it and see it anyway.

I am making plans for going to TFF and dressing up as Mayor LIonheart.  sure I look different from him.  I don't have the pin he wears or a tie tack but how many are going to even notice that.  Seeing this is an election year I would like to carry out some Re elect Mayor Lionheart fliers. Maybe for FWA for that.

I hope all is well

Plans for the future New Convention with Furries in Mind

Coming to the scene in 2017, in January, in Little Rock Arkansas will be  ArkConsas. A furry con with offerings of other venues also.  The cool thing is we have space in an Embassy Suites right there in Little Rock and we have a great contract.

So finally the South East has a Furry venue in January.  If you cannot make it out West to FC or North to Anthro New England, we offer you

More details when the room block opens

Oh the cool details we can tell you up front if you are a hotel guest Free Breakfast,  Reception (that means drinks) and all the rooms are suites.

So we are off to a great start.
Sad jaguar


  JBadger.  I am hearing the news about him now.  It seems he has terminal cancer.  I wish I had known. I would have offered my support and friendship to him.  I can't say I recall where I met him at.  MFM most likely.  I met him again at MFF where he would celebrate his birthday.  He one of several that celebrate their birthday there.  JBadger,  Carol Kitty, Max De Groot and I think Santa Fox also.  In turn I would always try to meet with each one of these friends on their birthday weekend.  JBadger,  I will have to say is a great guy, a very nice person. Oh he could grate on you.  But we all have our issues.  I hope I can get a chance to talk to him before the cancer finishes with him.

I think the Furry Fandom will be a little bit less fun with out him.

I hope I can run into Tilt.  He does a pretty good imitation of him that makes me laugh.
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A post

  Long time since I posted here.

 As each new step of progress comes to the internet. FA or Facebook, twitter, or what ever happens that is the new kind of blog the fandom spreads further outwards and we slowly distance ourselves.

I use mostly Facebook now as that seems where most of the furries I know hang out.  I will not say Furries Friends, as that is an era that seems to have passed.  Furs seem to have moved on to new friends.  I really cannot tell who is close anymore.  I work a lot of conventions, I do.  I run the variety show there ,  The Furry Drama Show.  I thought that was my way of contributing back to the fandom and maybe reaching more furs like myself that are performers in suit.  That does seem to work fairly well.  at least.

My hightlights this year were surviving winter after my heart issues.  That is pretty good I think.   I hit a lot of conventions after that.  Friends from old cons contacted me and showed their concern TFF, Fangcon, FWA, Oklacon, MFF, F3.  It makes you feel warm inside.  I guess they are the ones I move forward on and work to have more goals that will make me succeed and helping entertaining others.  Never   quit.

This was the year of a very close catastrophe and that happened on the way to Fangcon.  The RV I was driving developed some issues and I had to pull over in which case the interior filled with black smoke. I was able to get out before I inhaled anything serious and pass out.  The vehicle turned out to be on fire and soon enough it was a total loss.  (maybe I will post photos here of it) But I went forward and made the con happen in spite of all that had happen.  It was a stuggle.  I guess I am happy in knowing I can still survive in spite of what life throws at me.

Maybe 2016 will be an easier year.  I can only hope.
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Fangcon News

 For those who know me.  I am now a con chair for a convention in Knoxville, TN.  I have worked nearly every part of a convention both in the furry fandom and other conventions also.  We are gearing up for another year I am glad to say.  We have a good representation of the Furry Fandom also with our GoH artist from Florida  Tzologist.  If you are from Florida, you more likely know her.  She is from the Talahassee part of the state.  As as fursuiter myself I like to recognize other fursuiters out there in the fandom who are entertaining and give back to the fandom.  Jase Husky is one of those fursuiters.  We also have a GoH musician, Potoroo,  He is Canadian.  Don't hold that against him.  He is fun person and performs great songs also.   We have a writer GoH and that is Gre7g Luterman.  He wrote Skeleton Crew most recently.  He is another great person to be around as he brews a lot of his own beers and other interesting beverages.

We have opened registration for Fangcon 2015! Yes, we know it is April 1st but, this is no April Fools joke. We would not do that to you, now would we? If you need to pay to reg for the con which will be playing Oct 29th through Nov 2nd then you need to get all those days off or at least for the weekend. Be sure to share this post on your FA or FB or even here on LJ. Chick here to register for Fangcon Never, NevFur Land.


  We hope to see you there for a long weekend of furry fun